People always ask us when is the best time to come to Tofo.

The answer isn't a simple one – it really depends on what activities you want to do, what you want to see and how you feel about the weather! So here is a very approximate overview of Tofo life by the most popular enquiry categories.



The hottest months are January to March – where the land temperatures can reach the mid-30s during the day and remain in the high 20s at night. The air conditioning in all of our rooms is highly prized at this time!


The coolest months are during winter - June to October – where the days are in the very lovely mid-20s, but pack a sweater because in the evening there can be a chill in the air, and at night it can be around 18. The lightweight duvets on our beds will make you feel lovely and cozy.


Weather (Wind & Rain)

Mozambique does have a 'rainy season' which is January to April, but this is not tropical monsoons, and indeed Tofo is lucky enough to have its own microclimate where it rains considerably less during these months than it does in Inhambane just 25km away. Rain does not affect visibility at all and can often actually make the sea calmer!

The windiest months are August & September, when it can make the surface conditions very choppy.

It is true that the Mozambique coastline is in the cyclone zone; but it is also true that there is more than 2000km of this coastline, and the chances of being affected by a cyclone are minimal. The 2017 Dineo cyclone was the first to hit Tofo in more than 10 years, so do not be afraid of these months – diving conditions are usually fantastic!


Water Temperature

December through to May the water temperature is between 25-28 – so warm blooded creatures can get away with a 3mm or even boardies. From June to October winter is upon us and a 5mm with optional vest & hood is provided when the temperature will drop to around 20 degrees before it starts to climb again.



Visibility is incredibly hard to predict, but in general expect great visibility (20-30m) from December to June, not so great visibilty (5-15m) July to September and decent visibility during the rest of the time.


Peak Seasons

Tofo becomes busier during school holidays, and Christmas and New Year is loud and chaotic! If you are looking for a wild time then Tofo is your place for those 2 weeks, there is a party on every corner!

The quietest months are after Easter until early July – but for us that is THE  best time to dive. Dive sites are not crowded, viz is good, seas are calm,  water temperatures have not dropped, and the big stuff is still around.


In short – any time of year is great to experience Tofo!

Summer is hot but the viz is good and the seas are calm, and while winter is chilly and can be challenging - there are whales. And whales make everything ok!