We are aware of our footprint

At Liquid, conservation and green values are integral to how we run our business both in and out of the water.


Marine Conservation

As a 100 % AWARE partner Liquid Dive Adventures ensures that all diving activities are conducted in a manner that is environmentally friendly, thus contributing to protecting and saving the underwater environment. Liquid Dive Adventures is also the first Shark Guardian dive center in Africa which means we are arranging presentations about sharks and how you can help these highly misunderstood species to survive.

  • We believe that to know is to love is to protect. We educate our customers about marine conservation and we offer AWARE specialty courses where you can learn more about the rare and endangered species found in the Tofo area;

  • Our students can receive a project AWARE certification card. We donate $10 to Project AWARE from each certification completed with us. All donations support ocean protection efforts and actions worldwide;

  • Our dive briefings include project AWARE’s 10 tips for divers. We also use the same briefing modified to our Ocean Safari customers;

  • We encourage our customers to join conservation movements like Project AWARE and Shark Guardian. The most important thing for us is to share information to others. By sharing, more people get involved and we really can make a difference!


Sustainable Business

We are a PADI Green Star Award Dive Center. The PADI Green Star Award ™ is about rewarding vision, excellence and the pursuit of conservation. Liquid Dive Adventures is the first dive centre in Mozambique to achieve the PADI Green Star status.

We demonstrate a dedication to conservation across a wide range of business practices; for example, water conservation, energy use, conservation leadership, paperless interactions with PADI Regional Headquarters and donations to Project AWARE.

Our onsite vegetarian restaurant also aligns with our values to keep a lower carbon foot print by eating vegetarian and buying produce as locally as possible.  

Our philosophy is to thrive on the kind of tourism that respects nature, the economy and the local communities.

If you'd like to know more about Marine Conservation in Tofo, please visit the Marine Megafauna Foundation website. We work closely with them to understand the best code of conduct when getting in the water with the incredible marine life we're so lucky to see here. 

Marine Megafauna Foundation Website