Whale Watching is a great way to learn more about the Humpback Whales of Tofo.

Did you know that a new born humpback whale gains 50 kg of weight in a single day?

Whale Watching is great in Tofo, since the Humpback Whales visit us every winter from June to October. In increasing numbers, they migrate here and use our safe waters as a birthing ground and to raise their young. Thus, making Tofo an excellent place to witness, research and raise awareness of these graceful giants.

Experience these magnificent animals through one of our whale watching tours. Whatever package you choose (see below) you will have the opportunity to see them up close, learn about them, and possibly swim with them!

Through our trips we aim to increase awareness of the environmental importance of these precious animals and marine conservation efforts more generally. This way we strive to ensure that Tofo continues to be a special place to see whales and other amazing but sadly endangered megafauna. We encourage our whale tour participants to get involved in the conservation work focused on these elegant giants and contribute to important ongoing research work.

We make sure that we have as little impact on these intelligent mammals as possible and that all our customers respect them and their marine habitat. 

Liquids whale watching packages are available from July to end September.



Intensive Whale Week

7 nights in a chalet at Pariango Beach Motel (own shower and toilet) or at our beach front accommodation,

Breakfast and lunch at HAPPI restaurant


PADI Humpback Whale Speciality Program

4 whale watching tours

Interactive presentations

AND MORE - click here for more information

Per person: from 632€

For two people: from 506€ (per person)


Exclusive Whale Watching Package

7 nights in one of our beach front cabins (en-suite) where you can watch the humpbacks from your own bed.

Breakfast at HAPPI restaurant every morning

4 half day whale watching tours

Drinking water and snacks on board

Per person: 935€

For two people: 637€ (per person)


Liquid Whale Watching Tour

Liquids Whale Watching tour is a PADI Humpback Whale Specialty course, only done at Liquid in Tofo. The specialty is a half day experience that starts with a lesson about the magnificent whales of Tofo. Your guide will also fully brief you about our boat launching procedures, codes of conduct and how we interact with the whales.

During our time at the sea, we observe several groups of whales, listen to their singing through hydrophone, try to take ID pictures of their flukes and learn more about their behavior and conservation.

If our experienced guide sees the opportunity to swim with these intelligent mammals you may enter the water with them. There is however a strict code of conduct and we can never guarantee swimming with them, safety comes first. Seeing them from the boat is already a magical experience.

Your tour ends with debriefing and sharing photos and experiences.

85€ per person