Tofo is an extraordinary place and we are sure you will agree. It attracts great people who love its laid back beach vibe, epic diving and vibrant African culture. It's hard to find anywhere else. 

After leaving Finland on a round the world trip we, Satu, Jari, Aaron & Henrik, arrived at Praia do Tofo, and as we sat and watched Humpback Whales breaching in the horizon from the beach, we fell in love. And here we are now, the proud and happy owners of Liquid Dive Adventures since 2014. 

We’ve always travelled a lot, seen and experienced many countries and dive centers. In Tofo we found a perfect place to create the dive center of our dreams. Liquid started very small, with one boat and only handful of gear. In our first month we had no more than one customer;-). We then started developing Liquid to be the place where we ourselves would like to go diving, bought more gear and another boat, but also educated ourselves and learned more about how to run a business in Mozambique.

Our boys soon started their school in the international Kingfisher Lake school. The boys adapted well, we took Suunto the dog to our family, managed to buy a car and slowly life started to take shape here. Today, after 5 years, we’re still running things at the dive center and loving the place and the life style. Life here isn’t always easy but that’s why it’s so rewarding.

A year after we started the company, our Liquid family grew when Kalle, Emma and their lovely girls joined to open Happi Restaurant. We shared the vision of an internationally inspired vegetarian menu that makes use of the amazing fresh local produce found here in Mozambique. Our goal is to enrich the whole diving experience by providing satisfying and delicious feel-good food. Emma and Kalle still visit Tofo regularly. Whenever Kalle is here, he makes tattoos and Emma is found in the kitchen.

The latest addition to the Liquid owners is Eva from Norway. After completing her dive master course here in 2016 Eva became quickly integral to our team and has helped us to grow to where we are today. When Eva is in Tofo she does our finances, teaches yoga and of course dives.

In 2017 we bought an old lodge with a perfect location right on Tofo beach. After creating the philosophy of Liquid, we now could plan the physical space as well!! Building work started with the swimming pool, quickly followed by the dive center, gear room and the restaurant. After endless and sleepless nights and months, we opened Liquid in the new location in November 2018. Today we have 11 cabins on site, changing room, yoga platform and much more. We’re still planning to build more and make some changes, but in our opinion the place is looking great already.

We are all very passionate about the conservation and protection of our oceans, and this is why we have turned Liquid Dive Adventures into an ecological PADI Green Star centre. By making small changes we can help to ensure the enjoyment of underwater environments for future generations. We also teach these conservation methods to our guests, as we strongly believe that everyone is empowered to make a difference!

All our staff is carefully selected and are Liquid’s true treasures. Everyone belongs to Liquid Family and will do everything in their power to make you feel like home here. It’s guaranteed you leave here with bunch of new friends.

The marine life, the picturesque surroundings and warm-hearted people all make visiting here a unique experience.

We hope you can come and join us in making life long memories!