Meet the Superheroes!

Our Superheroes! The newest PADI Instructors of 2018! 

Our Superheroes! The newest PADI Instructors of 2018! 

We have had an incredibly busy February with a full dive centre and our 1st Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam of 2018! We had an amazing group of people who worked so diligently and passionately to achieve their dream of becoming a PADI Instructor and they all passed!! :) 

The exam didn't have the same highlight as our last IE where they had 3 Humpback Whales circling them at 8 metres on Clownfish Reef! Instead it was dominated by a HUGE surge generated from a 2 metre swell in the bay. It highlighted to us the nature of Tofo's waters: unpredictable, challenging and thrilling. All the trainee Instructors told us they'd chosen to do their IDC in Tofo for that very reason: once you can thrive, and teach in these waters, you can do it anywhere. 

Of the group who trained here, we had the wonderful Jessica and Jasmiina who came to us last year to do their EFR and Rescue Courses. They loved it so much that they signed up to do their Divemaster Course with us. They were such dedicated, professional, friendly Divemaster Candidates. They then signed up to do the IDC on the back of their training here. They've now gone back to their former lives in Europe but with an unforgettable experience and a hugely valuable qualification. We will miss them very much! We also had lovely Emma from England who is now going to be an Instructor in Madagascar so we're hoping she'll keep her promise and jump on a flight on her way home to come see us again! Felipe, Tofo born and raised, who worked tirelessly to get his qualification will continue teaching at another dive centre where he was previously working. Olle, a charming young German whose brother is teaching in Tofo, will join forces with his brother and hopefully, as he suggested, will only teach as a brother combo! And last but not least, the lovely "Tip Top Tommy T" who came to us as a client last year, who then came back to do his Divemaster Course. We were so impressed with him and he was (and still is!) hugely popular with our clients that we encouraged him to become and Instructor. He agreed and is now the newest Instructor and member of the Liquid Dive Family! We are so happy that he has agreed to work with us: he is already an incredible diver with huge passion and knowledge of all animals; we know he will be an outstanding Instructor! 

A big thank you to Giny, the effervescent Course Director and our very own Jari for delivering such a successful course and thank you to Janine from PADI for being such a rigorous examiner. 

Well done to all our wonderful Instructors! 

The next course is in June and then September after that: get signed up to this incredible, life-changing course! 

Satu Forsman