Liquid Dream Team

Liquid management dream team

Liquid management dream team

Liquid has always been and still is a family run business and we want keep it that way. However, since moving to our new location on the beach we can’t possibly run everything ourselves!  This is why we’re happy to announce that we’ve found just the right people to do some of the very important jobs at Liquid.


Bryan, our new Resort Manager is the first person you meet either through email or when checking into the dive centre. He’s the one who will do everything in his power to guarantee your whole visit with us will be amazing. He’s been a Liquid family member for a long time already, from Open Water to Divemaster with us. He’s also an instructor so it’s easy to plan dives and courses with him before coming to Tofo.


Jaime, our Administrative Manager, you probably don’t see as much as Bryan but he’s making sure all our staff are happy and that the salaries and our legal agreements are met in time. His work behind the scenes make things rolling in the front. Jaime is also an official English translator so all our documents are perfectly done in two languages. 


When it comes to diving, we can truly ensure that you’re in safe hands.  All of our diving operations here at Liquid are run by Nadia, who is one of the most experienced instructors in the area, with a strong focus on safety and enjoyment. She has all our dive schedules planned months ahead since that’s the only way to really make sure we don’t overbook and our group sizes stay small. Even that Liquid has grown as a company the basic philosophy of diving with two staff members and in small groups has stayed the same. Nadia is also in charge of our instructors and training, although she’s very much involved in diving and training herself.

Satu Forsman