Whale Week is a special program to learn about the Humpback Whales. Tofo is a special place to see these world’s most elegant giants!

Join our whale week program where you become a certified open water FREEDIVER. Join our humpback whale watching tour, complete a PADI humpback whale speciality program and learn more about these 20 – 50 tonne mammals. You will be guided around Tofo’s waters and guaranteed a week filled with unforgettable experiences in and out of the water.

With more than 5 hours in the water experiencing a multitude of marine life this is a time year in Tofo that you would not like to miss.

With this program we hope to educate people and help the conservation of whales worldwide.

Included in the package:

  • 7 nights in a chalet at Pariango Beach Motel (own shower and toilet) or at our beach front accommodation (optional).

  • Breakfast and lunch at HAPPI restaurant


  • PADI Humpback Whale Speciality Program

  • 4 whale watching tours

  • Interactive marine life presentations

  • Cultural tour of Tofo

Note that all events are subject to change due our changing seas and weather patterns.

snorkler 3.jpg


  • The Whale Week program alone: 590€ per person

  • Including accommodation at Pariango Beach Motel: 790€

  • Including accommodation for two at Pariango Beach Motel: 690€ (per person)

  • Including accommodation at Liquid: 1185€

  • Including accommodation for two with at Liquid: 888€ (per person)