Explore underwater with our half day snorkel adventure trip to see the beautiful Sea Horses in the Barra estuary.

Starting at Liquid dive centre we travel to the beautiful beaches and estuary of Barra. 

We walk 30mins through the mangroves and over the mudbanks of the estuary to the snorkelling reef.

The reef itself is very shallow and full of life. The first things that you will be spotting are a myriad of crazy coloured sea stars, and peculiar looking sea cucumbers. But when your eyes start to adjust you will begin to see other crazy ocean critters. How about some crazy crabs, frogfish, pipefish, cowfish, pufferfish and much much more. But of course the star of the show are the sea horses –which come in a variety of sizes and colours. Our experienced guides will help you to spot these glorious little guys. This trip will keep any macro-photographer busy for hours.