Humpback Whales visit the coast of Tofo during the months of June to October. Tofo waters are birthing and mating grounds for a specific population of humpback whales, which means they are around for several months each year. We’re are extremely happy to have increasing numbers of them coming every year!

Seeing a whale is something you’ll never forget. The impact it makes upon you is huge, it leaves you emotional and overwhelmed by it’s magic. Liquid’s whale watching tour includes informative and interactive briefing and debriefing, three hour boat tour, hydrophone use and if the conditions are right, possible freediving or snorkeling with the humpback whales.

Liquid’s whale watching tours are done in an environmentally responsible manner. The tours are lead by a visiting humpback whale researcher or by our own whale expert. We want to increase awareness of the importance of conservation through educating people, and this way ensure that Tofo continues to be a special place to see whales and other amazing megafauna. We encourage our whale tour participants to get involved in the conservation and research of these elegant giants.

 At Liquid, we want to make sure that we have the least impact to these intelligent mammals as possible and that the whales are honoured and respected at all times and not harassed or invaded in any ways.

Liquid’s whale watching packages are available form July to the end of September. During those months we’ll have plenty of whale activities on offer, talks, documentaries etc.

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Exclusive Whale Watching Package

7 nights in our beach front cabin with en-suite bathroom

Breakfast at our HAPPI restaurant

Daily whale watching from your own terrace

4 half day whale watching tours with a researcher or our own whale expert

Drinking water and snacks on board

Per single person 935€

2 people sharing 637€ (per person)

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Intensive Whale Week

7 nights in Wuyani Pariango Beach Motel chalet with own shower and toilet

Breakfast at our HAPPI restaurant


2 half day whale watching tours with a researcher or our own whale expert

Drinking water and snacks on board

Per single person 632€

2 people sharing 506€ (per person)


Liquid Whale Watching Tour

Liquids Whale Watching tour is a half day experience that starts with a lesson about the magnificent whales of Tofo. Your guide will also fully brief you about our boat launching procedures, codes of conduct and how we interact with the whales.

During our time at the sea, we observe several groups of whales, listen to their singing through hydrophone, try to take ID pictures of their flukes and learn more about their behavior and conservation.

If our experienced guide sees the opportunity to swim with these intelligent mammals you may enter the water with them. There is however a strict code of conduct and we can never guarantee swimming with them, safety comes first. Seeing them from the boat is already a magical experience.

Your tour ends with debriefing and sharing photos and experiences.

85€ per person