Meet our Instructors




Nadia is our Head Instructor and our most experienced with over 4000 dives. She has been teaching and guiding in Tofo waters for the last 5 years and is easily one of Tofo's finest. She has taught all over the world including Indonesia, Fiji and the Caribbean. And if you're a nervous diver, she will definitely get you diving and overcoming your fear even if it means holding her hand for 40 minutes underwater!





The most Scandinavian, non-Scandinavian family member of Liquid! Hanno is a "smashing" South African gentle giant, diver, surfer and chiller. He's easily our most enthusiastic diver and gets excited about everything from his favourite Giant Manta to hawkfish. Water baby Hanno delivers surf lessons, leads Ocean Safaris, dives and courses. Hanno NEVER shares his food with the dogs! 



The talented Ricardo speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese fluently! This Latino Legend is as comfortable on the dance floor doing the Salsa as he is underwater. With hips like Shakira, he'll have you diving and dancing in no time! He often has people to stay in his AirBnB so you can even do your homework with him! He also can't resist sharing his food with the dogs which makes him the most followed and popular within the canine community! 



Tofo born and bred, Jasse is not only an amazing Instructor, he is arguably the best Skipper in Tofo. Catchphrases like "Goody goody!", "Hoopla!" and "Hasta la Pasta!" are part of Jazz's every day vocabulary. We are so proud of Jazz: he went from selling bracelets on Tofo Beach as a little boy to the talented hero he is today!